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Nashua  House 

Nashua House

The Nashua house is a 100 year old farm house on 20 acres which had been renovated five years previously. The new owners have small children and wanted to enlarge the house for a growing family.

A new bedroom wing was added with bathroom and laundry as well as a new entrance. An existing verandah was enclosed for use as a study and spare bedroom.The surrounding verandas were also extended to tie in with an existing pool area.

Large sliding windows and doors that open by sliding on the outside of the building were added. They allow the house to open up to the summer breezes and close up durring the short winter. The whole of the interior of the house was completed with V-joint timber lining both walls and ceilings. No plaster board was used in the house.

This gives the house an old country cottage very original feel. All the floors were patched and sanded so there are polished timber floor boards throughout.

Architect Sharon Fraser

Nashua House
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