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Pine Mountain Road 

Pine Mountain Road

A contemporary design with expansive views to the north, this house included large open areas of Travertine flooring inside and out. Three huge double glazed doors completely retract on the northern side to open the whole house to the outside. The house has a front and a back kitchen a cool room and its own pizza oven.

Vibrant colours have been used to offset the neutral tones of the house. A covered walkway links the house with a large carport.

The kitchen is linked by retractable windows to an expansive outdoor covered dining area. While the house can be opened up in summer it can also be closed up for winter with all the windows and doors being double-glazed.


Merit MBA 2012 Excellence in Housing Award Best Contract Home $1- $2 million

Pine Mtn Rd
Pine Mtn Rd_0002_davidtaylor - Version 2.jpg
Pine Mtn Rd_0903_davidtaylor - Version 2.jpg
Pine Mtn Rd_0133_davidtaylor - Version 2.jpg
Pine Mtn Rd_1003_davidtaylor - Version 2.jpg
Pine Mtn Rd_0953_davidtaylor - Version 2.jpg
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